Payflow: unbridled international growth following centralised treasury control

A conversation with:
Javier Iglesias
VP of Strategy & Finance at Payflow
How to contribute to business growth when there is an enormous amount of cash flows within the company and in different currencies and a constant funding of capital is needed? Discover it hand in hand with this success story of the Fintech dedicated to the advancement of the payroll.
Before Embat
  • Exponential business growth, difficulty for the finance function to scale up at the same pace
  • Need to be able to have tight control of available liquidity
  • Monetary complexity as a result of opening new businesses in several currencies
With Embat
  • Real time treasury
  • Treasury forecasting
  • Treasury reporting automation

The customer

Payflow is a fintech company with offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Bogotá founded in March 2020 with the aim of helping workers to improve their working lives and, consequently, their personal lives. It offers a cloud-based application that allows employees to collect their paychecks in advance when they need it, at no cost to the worker, which becomes an attractive social benefit for the companies that provide it.

Its clients have achieved 21% reductions in employee turnover and 11% increases in productivity as a result of incorporating its solution.

"With a monthly growth rate of 20%, many manual processes implemented in the finance department become impractical by the second month, lacking scalability. For us, having tools that enable automation and centralisation of our main metrics on a single dashboard is particularly interesting, especially when dealing with a structure encompassing multiple companies, cross cash flows, and several currencies".

The challenge

Challenges for the finance team

The business model is based on instant cash flows and capital funding requests, so strict control of available liquidity per legal entity was critical to meet its obligations. Moreover, the corporate structure added further complexity, where continuity of intra-company cash flows needed to be ensured.

With exponential growth, the demand for capital funding increases at the same rate, which meant that the flow of such cash flows had to be constantly increased. The addition of new jurisdictions added the complexity of having flows in different currencies, such as EUR, USD, Colombian peso and Peruvian sol.

The Solution

Strategic focus

The financial team has a clear challenge to optimise the use of its monetary resources in order to maximise the profitability obtained. To this end, it is very important to have real-time information and automated control of cash inflows and outflows. This allows agile decisions to be made, which often lead to increased returns on the funds invested.

Complete liquidity visibility in real time thanks to Embat

Embat allows Payflow, through a collaborative and intuitive platform, to have its global liquidity position in real time and to automate its cash flow reporting, which is so important for its business operations. The flexibility and agility of the platform has allowed it to configure its dashboard with its main metrics and keep it updated automatically.

The Impact


Thanks to Embat's platform, Payflow's financial team has gained advantages that substantially improve its daily work dynamics and allow the company to be more productive and competitive in the medium and long term.

  • Complete visibility of liquidity in real time, with aggregation across multiple companies and currencies.
  • Saving finance team resources on administrative tasks to focus on strategic and financial decisions and business objectives.
  • Automated treasury reporting, including intra-group movements.
  • Agile integration process, in a matter of days, minimising the impact on the finance team's operations.

Integration of Embat into Payflow operations

The strategic mindset of Payflow's finance team contributes greatly to the growth of the company's operational activity. Their continued focus on automating and systematising manual processes and creating impact in operations has resulted in exemplary financial management and careful optimisation of its liquidity resources.

An agile and non-intrusive integration and implementation process, being a cloud connection via API, allowed Payflow to extract value from Embat from day one. There were no weeks of implementation and no steep learning curve. All it took was a parameterisation of the platform to define the analytical treasury reporting and the synchronisation of all global banking positions. User management, both editing and viewing, also allowed the finance team to create a collaborative environment in Embat with different stakeholders, including external advisors.

Payflow’s Metrics

  • Monthly growth of 20%: as a scale up, Payflow has an exponential growth, which means that the financial team has to be able to scale up at the same rate.
  • Transactions in 4 currencies: in going international, Payflow had to deal with the complexity of having flows in different currencies.
  • Automation of 75% of manual processes: by having complete visibility of liquidity in real time and automating treasury reporting thanks to Embat.

The Impact

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