Stop losing liquidity at unexpected times

Automated and optimised cash flow forecasting

Plan your short, medium, and long-term liquidity.
Agility, flexibility, and reliability for strategic financial management.

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Our solution for 
your forecasts

Reliable cash forecasting connected to the ERP for future flow visibility.

Treasury budget tracking and customisable reporting to quickly identify deviations.

Notifications and alerts about expected balances by banking product (overdrafted positions, etc).

Monitoring of future cash flows to gain visibility of amortisation dates and interest rates.

What we offer

Centralise all your work on one platform.

Identify liquidity needs or surpluses in advance.

Automate the tracking of forecasts to identify budget deviations.

Share comparative reports with the team and stakeholders.

… and more to come

Impact on finance teams

Control at the consolidated level

Proactive liquidity management at bank, company, or consolidated product level.

Budget control

Improved budget control and tracking.

Informed decisions

Make informed investment and financing decisions.

Budget efficiency

Improved coordination and efficiency in budget preparation and management.

"With a monthly growth rate of 20%, many manual processes implemented in the finance department become impractical by the second month, lacking scalability. For us, having tools that enable automation and centralisation of our main metrics on a single dashboard is particularly interesting, especially when dealing with a structure encompassing multiple companies, cross cash flows, and several currencies".
Javier Iglesias
VP of Strategy & Finance at Payflow

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