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All your cash and debt positions in one place.
A platform for complete liquidity visibility.

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Our solution
for your treasury

Real-time cash flow and treasury position control.

Global banking connectivity with more than 13,000 financial institutions and payment gateways.

Automated categorisation of bank transactions.

Notifications and alerts of overdrawn positions.

Customised notification system to identify fraudulent threats.

Customised banking pool reports by date.

Reports and analysis of bank-company relationship.

What we offer

Complete and up-to-date view of your cash management.

Seamless ERP and banking integration.

Automated balance checks and balance download for more efficient financial management.

Reliable real-time metrics and indicators to make the right decisions.

Enhanced security for your financial management.

…and more to come

Impact on finance teams

Strategic management

Effective resource management and faster, more informed strategic decision-making.

Functional harmony

Improving financial teams’ efficiency and quality of life.

Integrated analysis

Efficient solution for analysis and collaboration.

Financial protection

Minimising the vulnerability and the impact of potential fraud.

Operational reliability

Reducing the likelihood of human error in financial processes.

“Embat has changed my life. All the time I once spent updating the daily cash position is now invested in adding more value to the company, with real-time analysis, decision-making, and reliable information".
Amanda Moreno
Finance Controller of Pompeii Brand

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