Why use Embat?

Our goal: 

Improve the daily life
of finance teams

We are customer centric

Our platform has been built and developed in collaboration with real finance teams, designing a product according to the specific needs of a wide range of clients in diverse sectors.

Our mission is to keep our clients at the centre of everything we do, ensuring that our platform is aligned with their objectives and challenges. 

We are human technology

Although we are passionate about technology, we always prioritise the human touch in every interaction with our clients.

The strategic combination of technology and innovation with a human approach is Embat’s added value, providing an intuitive, collaborative and customised experience.

We are rebels with a cause

At Embat, we are challenging the status quo and we are committed to changing the way in which finance teams tackle their daily work.

We do not settle for  'business as usual.' We strive to bring innovation and automation to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and highten the quality of life for finance teams.

Key benefits of Embat

Implementation in 4-6 weeks, much faster than the industry standard.

Up-to-date treasury data, outperforming solutions that provide data from previous days.

Save up to 75% of time spent on manual tasks, freeing teams to focus on strategy.

Less time spent on manual tasks leads to reduced errors, increasing efficiency.

Time saved translated into reduced costs and increased productivity.

More time for strategic activities, reducing the burden of administrative tasks.

Less stress and higher job satisfaction thanks to a reduced administrative workload. 

A team of 50+ at your side at every stage, from implementation to optimising your financial operations.

Form part of our finance community. Take part in monthly events and contribute to the continual improvement of our platform.

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