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Automated accounting and bank reconciliation

Automate receipts and payments accounting, as well as bank reconciliation.
Save time and improve the quality of life for your finance team.

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Our solution for your accounting and reconciliation

Agile integration with your ERP to facilitate the exchange of detailed accounting information through our cloud system.

Use of rules and AI that automatically feed your direct entries into accounting and facilitate document settlement.

Automated bank reconciliation reporting for more accurate strategic business decisions.

Embate brings AI to your treasury

Accounting and reconciliation with Google Cloud’s AI

Save up to ten hours a week on manual tasks and reduce accounting errors. Transform accounting and bank reconciliation into strategic processes, all powered by Google Cloud’s advanced generative AI.

What we offer

Traceability and compliance with reconciliation requirements.

Reduction of errors and freeing up time for administrative tasks.

More accurate and faster data processing.

Cost-effective and simple implementation.

Proactive error and discrepancy detection in bank reconciliation.

…and more to come

Impact on finance teams

Optimised management

Agility and accuracy in your reconciliation, as well as reduced administrative workload.

Operational fluidity

Reduced friction thanks to cloud-based solutions.

Time saved

Increased productivity and efficiency of finance teams.

Advanced analysis

Customised report creation for strategic decision-making.

"We are aware that the company's cash flow is critical for growth, even more so when we face uncertain scenarios with higher elements of risk like the current one, which forces us to constantly adjust our forecasts. Thanks to Embat, we have a platform that allows us to automate and systematise treasury administrative processes, such as bank reconciliation, to enable the finance team to focus on executing the defined financial and expansion strategy".
Roger Regales
CFO & Board Member de Grupo Viko

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