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Centralised payments and automated reconciliation

Approve, sign, monitor, and reconcile payments quickly and accurately.
Security and efficiency in every transaction.

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Our solution for your payments

Instant national and international payments, with automated accounting and reconciliation.

Efficient payment management on a single platform, with customised approval flows and no manual tasks.

Execution of payments in more than 50 currencies, ensuring an error-free accounting and reconciliation and real-time traceability.

Advanced security. 100% cloud-based approval and signing, with an encrypted and secure beneficiary database.

What we offer

Improved operational efficiency for payment reviewers and approvers, speeding up the process and eliminating duplicates.

Payment execution visibility and speed, improving the relationship with national and international providers.

Fast, cost effective transactions in more than 50 currencies, thanks to competitive commissions.

Efficient creation and management of payment remittances, avoiding errors and manual tasks

Complete control and traceability of your payments, from the moment the invoice is created until the payment is accounted for and reconciled.

…and more to come

Impact on finance teams

Improved treasury management

Gain a complete, up-to-date view of your finances thanks to 360° control of your payments.

Control and execution

Improved control and speed of payment execution, benefiting the company and the providers.

Time reduction

Drastic reduction of time dedicated to payment accounting and improved visibility of refused payments, allowing for a more efficient and transparent financial management.


Increase security in the payment execution process, protecting the company’s assets and strengthening trust in financial operations.

"We've integrated automation solutions that streamline the execution of routine tasks hand in hand with Embat, freeing up human resources to focus on more strategic and analytical work. Cash flow management optimisation and early detection of potential irregularities are just some of the areas where AI has proven its worth".
Carla Aragoza Supelano
CFO at Cuidacasa

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