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Optimise treasury management with custom-made reports and indicators.
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Our solution for your reports

Automated, customised, and error-free reporting. Configure and automate the preparation and updating of your treasury reports in an agile and flexible way.

Centralised collaboration on one platform. Collaborate with your team on a single interface to streamline the reporting process.

Consolidation and customisation of reports. Integrate your accounting information to automate the periodic updating process and create custom-made financial reports tailored to your company's needs.

More precise and agile decisions

Custom-made reports and indicators for your business

We accelerate decision making and your preparation time with customised reports.

What we offer

Clear and detailed reports of cash flow and other financial indicators, both at the individual and consolidated levels.

Connection between cash flow and KPIs for efficient corporate control.

Share relevant information with other team members, directors, and shareholders, adjusting specific permissions and generating intuitive and detailed reports.

Impact on finance teams

Control and analysis

Accurate control and enhanced business intelligence and analytics to optimise the finance team's time and resources.

Improved efficiency

Eliminate delays in the availability of information, significantly improving the efficiency and responsiveness of the finance team.

Clear Internal Communication

Improved internal communication, promoting informed decision-making and ensuring clear communication with directors and shareholders.

"With a monthly growth rate of 20%, many manual processes implemented in the finance department become impractical by the second month, lacking scalability. For us, having tools that enable automation and centralisation of our main metrics on a single dashboard is particularly interesting, especially when dealing with a structure encompassing multiple companies, cross cash flows, and several currencies".
Javier Iglesias
VP of Strategy & Finance at Payflow

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