Save 75% of your team's time

Automate and optimise your company’s treasury management

Real-time bank connectivity
Cash flow forecasting
Automated accounting and reconciliation
Banking pool management
Payments centralisation
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The go-to platform for hundreds of finance teams

Empower your finance team

Real-time visibility and control

Take control of your treasury and optimise your liquidity management processes. Visualise and automate cash flows, reports, and cash and debt position forecasts.

Reliable liquidity forecasts

Short, medium, and long-term liquidity forecasts, connected with your ERP, accounting systems and FP&A platforms. Monitor your budget and plan scenarios efficiently.

Automated treasury reporting

Systematise your reporting and treasury indicators to speed up decision-making and reduce preparation time.

Accounting and reconciliation with AI

Automate more than 90% of your treasury’s accounting entries with generative artificial intelligence, ensuring accuracy and continuous updating of your accounts.

Centralised global payments

Manage your payment processes on one platform. Automated accounting and reconciliation in your ERP, error-free and with no human intervention.

Seamless ERP and bank integration

Your data, our n°1 priority

We adhere to the strictest cybersecurity, encryption, and data processing protocols. We work with the best partners worldwide.

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What our clients say...

"With a monthly growth rate of 20%, many manual processes implemented in the finance department become impractical by the second month, lacking scalability. For us, having tools that enable automation and centralisation of our main metrics on a single dashboard is particularly interesting, especially when dealing with a structure encompassing multiple companies, cross cash flows, and several currencies".
Javier Iglesias
VP of Strategy & Finance at Payflow
"We are aware that the company's cash flow is critical for growth, even more so when we face uncertain scenarios with higher elements of risk like the current one, which forces us to constantly adjust our forecasts. Thanks to Embat, we have a platform that allows us to automate and systematise treasury administrative processes, such as bank reconciliation, to enable the finance team to focus on executing the defined financial and expansion strategy".
Roger Regales
CFO & Board Member de Grupo Viko
“Embat has changed my life. All the time I once spent updating the daily cash position is now invested in adding more value to the company, with real-time analysis, decision-making, and reliable information".
Amanda Moreno
Finance Controller of Pompeii Brand
"The connection at the accounting level is automated, and the Embat solution connects to the ERP in a matter of seconds. This saves the finance team a lot of work because it eliminates routine tasks, allowing the team to focus on carrying out tasks that provide greater value".
Ángela Fernández
Financial and Administration Director at Urbia Services
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….and the most important media oulets

"Real-time treasury management in the cloud is this fintech's strong point, having started in 2021. It now marks a turning point as it partners with Google Cloud to revolutionise corporate treasury."
"Companies that use Embat say their finance teams save up to 75% of time on manual processes, which can amount to several days of work per month, allowing them to focus on higher value-added tasks".
"Embat's main function is treasury automation. If a company processes 300 invoices a month or makes daily payments, all of this goes through the bank and then through accounting. We use our technology to connect to customers' banks, unify the data, and provide a real-time cash position":
"Embat offers a rapid implementation process and innovative cloud technology that enables us to centralise all receivables, payments, and treasury management processes and give visibility into cash flows, liquidity positions, and indebtedness".
"By centralising all receivables, payments, and treasury management processes and automating accounting and bank reconciliation, Embat's solution enables finance teams to save up to 75% of the time spent on these tasks."

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