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"The implementation of Embat has streamlined the running of our department, optimising the visualisation of banking data and automating a large part of the accounting and reconciliation processes. The digitalisation of administrative tasks has allowed us to dedicate more time to strategic tasks".
Cristina Fuentes
Treasurer of Wallapop
"With Embat, reconciliations can be automated using rules and artificial intelligence. Thanks to this, we have been able to automate more than 50,000 transactions. Now, the team can focus on activities that really add value, allowing us to grow at the same pace as the business and handle the complexity of new operations"
Francesc Madurell Piñol
CFO at Cooltra
"It was a fast, efficient and easy-to-implement solution. The main measurable impact on the team has been a 30% reduction in time it takes to fulfil treasury tasks. Without a doubt, the implementation of Embat is already a success story and is a model for the rest of the business to follow".
Isaac Jornet
Head of Treasury Grupo Construcía
"With a monthly growth rate of 20%, many manual processes implemented in the finance department become impractical by the second month, lacking scalability. For us, having tools that enable automation and centralisation of our main metrics on a single dashboard is particularly interesting, especially when dealing with a structure encompassing multiple companies, cross cash flows, and several currencies".
Javier Iglesias
VP of Strategy & Finance at Payflow
"During a time of growth, the only way to survive was to automate and digitise all processes, so that our people can work in safer environments, without errors or excessive workloads. If you apply a dose of AI to this, the result is highly promising and exciting. Our partner Embat accompanies us in this journey, whose Treasury and Accounting solution is perfect for our organisation".
Ángel López
Finance Director
“Embat has changed my life. All the time I once spent updating the daily cash position is now invested in adding more value to the company, with real-time analysis, decision-making, and reliable information".
Amanda Moreno
Finance Controller of Pompeii Brand
"We are aware that the company's cash flow is critical for growth, even more so when we face uncertain scenarios with higher elements of risk like the current one, which forces us to constantly adjust our forecasts. Thanks to Embat, we have a platform that allows us to automate and systematise treasury administrative processes, such as bank reconciliation, to enable the finance team to focus on executing the defined financial and expansion strategy".
Roger Regales
CFO & Board Member de Grupo Viko
"We've integrated automation solutions that streamline the execution of routine tasks hand in hand with Embat, freeing up human resources to focus on more strategic and analytical work. Cash flow management optimisation and early detection of potential irregularities are just some of the areas where AI has proven its worth".
Carla Aragoza Supelano
CFO at Cuidacasa
"The connection at the accounting level is automated, and the Embat solution connects to the ERP in a matter of seconds. This saves the finance team a lot of work because it eliminates routine tasks, allowing the team to focus on carrying out tasks that provide greater value".
Ángela Fernández
Financial and Administration Director at Urbia Services
"Automating treasury reporting and cash forecasting in real-time is critical for our business. With Embat, I can contribute much more to business decisions and interaction with our investors".
Carlos Floria
CFO at Vivla
"From Embat, I wouldn't just highlight the automation of my treasury management and real-time visibility of my banking pool, but also the excellent guidance and speed of the solution's implementation".
Carlos Isábal
Co-CEO of Prodesa

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