How Pompeii Brand improves real time cash visibility and traceability

A conversation with:
Amanda Moreno
Finance Controller of Pompeii Brand
At Pompeii Brand, they worked with many manual processes, so they aimed to automate all these processes as much as possible.
Before Embat
  • Time lost on manual processes
  • Complexity in categorising bank transactions
With Embat
  • Real time treasury
  • Treasury forecasting
  • Automated categorisation

The customer

Pompeii was born in 2014 from the idea of 4 friends who share the same passion for trainers. They decided to embark on this project of selling footwear, and recently they have also launched into textile sales. The main channel is e-commerce, followed by retail and multi-brand channels. Pompeii Brand aims to internalise its brand in the short term.

“Embat has changed my life. All the time I once spent updating the daily cash position is now invested in adding more value to the company, with real-time analysis, decision-making, and reliable information".

The challenge

At Pompeii Brand, they worked with a lot of manual processes, so they aimed to automate these as much as possible. As a small team, spending time on administrative tasks of little added value represented a significant burden that hindered business growth.

Financially, they needed a solution that would allow them to have a global and real-time view of their treasury position and ensure data reliability.

In particular, Amanda was spending a lot of time building the daily position and categorising all the transactions.

The Solution

By connecting to both banks and ERP, Pompeii Brand saw in Embat the right solution to have real-time visibility and reliable data.

- In the Embat platform, rules can be set up to categorise bank transactions, which also met their need to automate the manual processes of the financial area as much as possible.

The Impact

  • With a simple click on the platform, Amanda now has her cash position updated in real time, and with reliable data. It saves her 2 hours a day. 
  • Transactions are now automated and categorise themselves. 
  • All the time that used to be spent performing manual tasks is now spent adding more value to the company.

Pompeii Brand’s Metrics

  • 3 sales channels: at Pompeii Brand, revenues come from its e-commerce, shops and the multi-brand channel.
  • Data reliability: by having its banks and ERP connected to Embat, Pompeii Brand can make real-time decisions based on reliable and up-to-date data.
  • 2 hours saved per day: thanks to access to your cash position in real time.

The Impact

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